Sample Appetizers
~passed or standing~ 
Stuffed Mushrooms
with herbed cream cheese and Italian sausage
Tomato Basil Soup Shooters

Mashed Potato Bar
with all accompaniments

Assorted Gourmet Deviled Eggs

 Coconut Shrimp
with a honey mustard glaze
Chicken or Beef Satay
with a zesty cilantro peanut  sauce


Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Crab Cakes
served with a red pepper aioli

Thinly Sliced Rare Roast Beef with a zesty horseradish sauce atop a crostini  

 Gourmet Potato Skins
topped with aged cheddar cheese, crumbled hickory smoked bacon and green scallions
Snow Pea Wrapped Shrimp

Macaroni and Cheese Balls

with a spinach and feta filling, wrapped in crispy, phyllo dough
Spring Rolls
vegetarian style, served with a sweet chili glaze
Smoked Salmon
served with mascarpone crostinis
Mini Spinach Quiche
Herbed Baby Shrimp
with herbed cream cheese atop melba rounds
Antipasto Brochettes
La Bruschetta
prepared with Roma tomatoes, basil and fresh garlic, served atop toasted baguettes
Baby New Potatoes
filled with a Whipped Salmon Pate

Applewood Bacon wrapped Water Chestnuts

Shrimp Cocktail with a zesty cocktail sauce
served in a Martini Glass

 Buffalo Wings
with celery sticks and a zesty cool ranch sauce
Salami Cornets
dry Italian peppered salami filled with sun dried tomatoes and herbed cream cheese
Assorted Canapes

Swedish Meatballs
Shrimp Rounds
baby shrimp, guacamole and mango salsa atop a corn tortilla round
Pot Stickers
served with a soy-ginger glaze
Crispy Fried Olives
Proscuitto wrapped Mozzarella stuffed Dates

Caprese Brochettes


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 Sample Platters
Gourmet Cheese Platter
with assorted domestic and imported cheeses, gourmet crackers, garnished with grapes and candied walnuts
 Assortment of Pinwheel Sandwiches
wrapped in spinach and tomato flour tortillas with your choice of fillings

Bruschetta Bar presented with red and yellow grape tomatoes, olive oil, truffle oil, sundried tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and housemade Crostinis

 Almond Crusted Brie Cheese
with an apple pear ginger sauce, served with specialty breads and crackers
Fresh Fruit Platter
artfully arranged
Succulent Shrimp
on ice with lemon wedges, served with a zesty cocktail sauce
Cilantro Guacamole
served with blue tortilla chips
Fresh Vegetable Platter
with assorted colorful veggies, beautifully arranged and served with two dressings for dipping
Olive Tapenade and Hummus Dip
served with gourmet Crackers and specialty Breads
New England Clam Chowder
served in mini Sourdough rolls
Shredded Chicken, Pork, or Beef Sliders,
Ground Beef or Turkey Meatball Sliders
on Sweet Portuguese rolls
Homemade salsa
served with tortilla rounds

Asparagus prepared al dente
wrapped in Prosciutto

Garlic and Parmesan Cheese Crispy Green Beans

 Antipasto Platter
with  Italian cured meats, Mozzarella cheese, olives, marinated artichokes, cherry peppers and assorted premium relishes
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